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Linear Guide Positioning Accuracy Is High

Linear rails, also known as rails, rails, linear rails, linear rails, for linear reciprocating occasions, and can take a certain torque, in the case of high load to achieve high-precision linear motion. In the mainland, said linear guide, Taiwan is generally called linear guide, linear slide.

Linear guide movement is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to a given direction to do reciprocating linear motion. Linear Guide According to the nature of friction, linear motion guide can be divided into sliding friction rails, rolling friction rails, elastic friction rails, fluid friction rails and other types. Linear bearings are mainly used in the automation machinery, Linear Guide like Germany imported machine tools, bending machines, laser welding machines, etc., of course, linear bearings and linear shaft is supporting the use. Like the linear guide is mainly used in the relatively high precision mechanical structure, the linear guide between the moving element and the fixed element between the medium without the use of rolling steel ball.

The characteristics of linear guide. The linear guide, like the planar guide, has two basic elements; one is the fixed element and the other is the moving element. Linear Guide As the linear guide is a standard part, for the machine tool factory. The only thing to do is to process the parallelism of the plane of the mounting rail and the calibration rail. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, the bed or column a small amount of scraping research is essential, in most cases, the installation is relatively simple. Linear Guide As the guide rail for the hardened steel, after grinding placed on the installation plane. Compared with the plane guide, the linear guide cross-section of the geometry, more complex than the plane guide, the reason is because the need to process the groove on the groove, in order to facilitate the sliding element movement, groove shape and quantity, depending on the machine to complete Function. For example: a not only bear the linear force, Linear Guide but also to withstand the subversion of the rail system, and only bear the linear force of the guide rail. The design is very different.

Linear guide system of the fixed element (rail) the basic function of the bearing ring, the installation of steel ball bracket, the shape of "v" shape. The brackets wrap the top and sides of the guide rails. In order to support the working parts of the machine, a set of linear guides has at least four brackets. Used to support large parts of the work, the number of stents can be more than four.

Advantages of linear guides:

First, its positioning accuracy is very high, when the use of linear guide as a linear guide, because the linear guide is rolling friction rolling mode, the friction coefficient reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, dynamic friction is equal to static friction, Linear Guide so to prevent The bed of the slippery phenomenon.

Second, because the friction is almost equal to the static friction, rolling friction to wear less, and this is the machine can maintain a long time to maintain accuracy.

Third, we all know the truth of friction, because the linear guide rail friction becomes smaller, heat is not high, Linear Guide and can be applied to high-speed operation.

The correct choice of linear guide, is to ensure product quality of the primary choice. Of course, linear guide rail in the use of lubricating oil consumption is relatively large, Linear Guide so be sure to ensure adequate oil, so as to play the greatest role.

Linear guide applications:

1, linear guide is mainly used in the automation machinery, Linear Guide like Germany imported machine tools, paper bowl machine, laser welding machine, etc., of course, linear guide and linear shaft is used.

2, the linear guide is mainly used in the relatively high precision mechanical structure, the linear guide between the moving components and fixed components without intermediate media, and rolling ball. Because the rolling ball to adapt to high-speed movement, the friction coefficient is small, high sensitivity, Linear Guide to meet the working parts of the work requirements, such as machine tool turret, carriage and so on. If the force acting on the ball is too large, the ball is subjected to the preloading time for too long, resulting in an increase in the movement resistance of the support.

Use Note:

Linear guide is a precision part, so the use of a considerable degree of care, even if the use of high-performance linear guide, if used improperly, can not achieve the desired performance results, and easy to damage the linear guide. Therefore, the use of linear guide should pay attention to the following:

To prevent corrosion

Direct access to the linear guide by hand, Linear Guide to fully wash away the sweat on hand, and coated with high-quality mineral oil and then operate in the rainy season and summer, especially to pay attention to rust.

Keep the environment clean

Keep the linear guide and its surroundings clean even if the tiny dust can not be seen by the naked eye into the rail, will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rail.

Installation should be careful and careful

Linear guide in the use of the installation should be careful, Linear Guide do not allow strong stamping, do not allow the hammer directly hit the rail, do not allow the transfer of pressure through the rolling body.

The installation tool should be appropriate

Linear guide Use suitable and accurate installation tools Try to use special tools to avoid the use of cloth and short fiber and the like.